7 Delicious Ways to Use Up Leftover Mulled Wine

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  • Date: December 31, 2022
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Mulled wine is a staple of the winter season, but sometimes we end up with a bit left over after a holiday party or cosy evening at home. Instead of letting that precious liquid go to waste, try using it in some delicious recipes to give it new life.

From braising meat to adding depth to dessert, there are many ways to make the most of your leftover mulled wine. In this article, we’ll share five creative ideas for using up that extra mulled wine and turning it into something exceptional.

Remember, mulled wine can be kept for several days if stored properly. We’ve written an article about how to store mulled wine longer.

So don’t toss out your leftover mulled wine – get inspired and try these recipes!

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Mulled Wine Braised Short Ribs

This recipe combines the flavours of rich, tender short ribs with the warm spices of mulled wine. Simply brown the short ribs in a Dutch oven, then add your leftover mulled wine, beef broth, and a few aromatic vegetables. Let it all simmer until the ribs are fork-tender, and you’ll have a mouthwatering main course perfect for a cold winter night.

Mulled Wine Poached Pears

Try poaching pears in leftover mulled wine for a sweet and sophisticated dessert. Simply slice pears in half, remove the cores, and then place them cut-side down in a pot of leftover mulled wine. Add a few spices and a bit of sugar, and let the pears simmer until they’re tender. Serve with a dollop of whipped cream or a sprinkle of cinnamon sugar.

Mulled Wine Glazed Ham

Give your leftover ham a flavour boost by glazing it with leftover mulled wine. Simply mix a bit of mulled wine, brown sugar, and a few spices, then brush it over the ham as it cooks. The result is a sweet and savoury ham perfect for a holiday feast.

Mulled Wine Hot Toddy

If you’re feeling under the weather or want to warm up on a cold winter night, try making a hot toddy with your leftover mulled wine. Simply mix a bit of mulled wine, a splash of whiskey, a squeeze of lemon, and a spoonful of honey. Sip slowly and let the warm, soothing flavours chase away the chill.

Mulled Wine Sorbet

Try turning your leftover mulled wine into sorbet for a refreshing twist on a classic winter beverage. Simply blend the mulled wine with a bit of sugar and a splash of lemon juice, then freeze it in an ice cream maker or a loaf pan. The result is a refreshing, fruit-forward sorbet perfect for a summery twist on a winter favourite.

Mulled Wine Hot Chocolate

Warm up on a cold winter’s night with a mug of decadent hot chocolate made with leftover mulled wine. Simply mix the mulled wine with milk, cocoa powder, and a bit of sugar, and heat until steaming.

Mulled Wine Jell-O Shots

For a fun twist on the classic party treat, try making Jell-O shots with leftover mulled wine. Simply mix the mulled wine with water and Jell-O powder, and pour it into small cups or silicone moulds. Chill until set, and enjoy!


In conclusion, there are many tasty and creative ways to use up leftover mulled wine. From braising meat to adding depth to dessert, this winter beverage has the potential to transform your dishes into something truly special. So don’t toss out that extra mulled wine – get inspired and try one of these delicious recipes. Whether you’re looking to savour the rich, spicy flavour of mulled wine in the main dish or incorporate it into a sweet treat, there’s something for everyone in this list of ideas.

Happy cooking!

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