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  • Date: November 13, 2022
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Barrie has no shortage of sub sandwich spots, from fast food like the 14+ Subway Sandwich locations throughout Barrie or two Firehouse Sub spots to start with, but sometimes you’re craving a good deli sandwich for a change.

In this article, we’ll give you some pointers on places to check out in Barrie if you’re looking for a good sandwich.

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But first, let’s clean up some terminology first…

What Makes a Deli Sandwich?

The Deli sandwich takes its name from the short for “delicatessen”, which traces its way back to the German word Delikatessen. Delicatessens first appeared in 1700 when the German food company Dallmayr opened the first one. These shops sold exotic or fine imported foods such as meats, cheeses, later mangos and other fruits (mangos, bananas) that were not easy to obtain locally. By the 1880s, immigration to America, and New York, in particular, had brought delicatessens to North America.

So a deli sandwich was made with meats and cheeses you’d buy at a delicatessen. You could call deli sandwiches the original fast food as everything was prepared ahead of time and assembled to order for you.

How Does a Deli Sandwich Differ From a Sub Sandwich?

The first thing people will think of is the long shape and fluffier bead (or bun) you find on sandwiches prepared at major chains like Subway Sandwiches (of which Barrie has at least 16 locations). The issue is the definition of a sandwich is pretty broad and could even encompass hotdogs or egg rolls as types of sandwiches.

The division between deli sandwiches and subs seems to come down to sandwiches built vertically and a slice of bread on the top, while subs (and hotdogs) are filled horizontally. Usually, the bun is cut partly open, filled with meat, cheese, and vegetables, and then folded back over.

Sub sandwiches also have a long history of regional names like sub, hoagie, hero, or grinder, depending on what region of North America you’re hailing from. Another difference is subs are sold on length (6-inch or 12-inch commonly), and unless it’s something Guy Fieri would hunt down, sandwiches are not advertised by their height.

The Best Deli Sandwich Spots in Barrie

According to people on Reddit, these were some of the places to find a good deli sandwich in Barrie.

Foxes Bakery and Deli

96 Victoria St, Barrie, (705) 737-4646

Called “best damn samich in Barrie” by one writer, Foxes Bakery has been around for many years. There isn’t a sit-down section, so you’ll have to take your sandwich to go, but they have a “grab and go” section and a large selection of groceries, perfect if needing to pick something on the way home.

Polski Deli

555 Mapleview Dr West, (705) 735-6005

Located in the Mappleview Plaza at Lougheard road, Polski Deli has been recommended for their sandwiches. as well as sandwiches, check out their selection of cakes and pastries.

Licious Italian Bakery Cafe

490 Mapleview Dr W., (705) 252-0221

A smaller deli in a plaza off Mapleview Drive, Licious does have a sit-down area if you want to enjoy a sandwich and coffee in the store. Try one of their veal or veal and meatballs sandwiches when you’re there.

Eva’s Deli

680 Huronia Rd, (705) 739-7004

Eva’s is a deli selling traditional Polish cuisine. As well as sandwiches, they offer catering services as well.

European Fine Food & Deli

342 Bayfield St, (705) 728-4858

Large delicatessen selling meats, cheeses, desserts and other food items.

Salty Blonde Bagel Bar

298 Blake St. (705) 721-1661

A cafe with a good selection of bagels and sandwiches you can enjoy in-store or take out.

Burnetts Butcher Shop

535 Bryne Dr, (705) 733-0232

A butcher shop and delicatessen on Bryne drive, the sandwiches at this place come recommended, “absolutely fantastic…by far the best deli sammich in barrie!!” according to one fan.


Imperial Meats used to have a location in Georgian Mall and was known for its sandwiches, but has since moved south to the Tanger Outlets Mall (3311 Simcoe 89, Cookstown). Maybe visit them if you’re driving south as they’re right off the Highway 89 exit on the 400.


Next time you’re looking for a quick-to-order alternative to fast food, why not try one of the freshly made deli sandwiches you can find in Barrie?

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