Chillz Lounge

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  • Date: April 22, 2023
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89 Dunlop St E, Unit 102, Barrie

Chillz Dessert Lounge is an upscale dessert lounge located in Barrie, Ontario. The lounge was started by award-winning entrepreneurs Teresa and Mark Woolard, who felt the need to have a premier spot in Barrie for dessert and drinks.

Though the lounge was opened to serve desserts and drinks, Chillz Lounge also offers short bites like cheesy garlic bread and giant salted pretzelscrepes and waffles like black forest crape, and sundaes like strawberry cheesecake sundae. Some desserts worth trying are the Razza lava, dark temptation, classic coffee cake, and ginger apple crisp. Another speciality of Chillz Lounge is the wide selection of vegan desserts, including chocolate peanut butter cheesecake, chocolate sweet potato parfait, and fruit salad.

Their super-friendly staffs make the Chillz lounge a favourite with the public. The ambience of the lounge is excellent and provides the right setting for a romantic night out. They have a wide selection of desserts and drinks that sometimes are difficult to pick. The food served is neat and fresh, so the customers do not have to worry about an upset stomach. The only drawback is that the crowd can be crazy sometimes, and you will have to spend some time waiting to get a seat.

Exclusivity, intimacy, and luxury are the main factors that set Chillz Lounge apart from the rest. The birth of Chillz Lounge starts from Teresa and Mark’s desire to have an upscale desert lounge exclusively for the lovers of Barrie. One night, after a movie, Teresa suddenly realized that Barrie does not have a lush restaurant offering exclusive desserts and drinks. This eventually led to the launch of Chilllz Lounge. Theresa has carefully selected the menu, which consists of combinations the customers have never tasted.

“Expect the unexpected” is the motto of Chillz Lounge. Thus, you can find desserts and drinks in the lounge that you will not find anywhere else in Canada.

Chills Lounge offers an intimate, chic, modern atmosphere that will fascinate customers. The interiors are done-up in a quiet, relaxed setting with a luxurious wall fireplace to warm up on a chilly night. The lounge offers an exclusive signature drink you will never find anywhere else.

Chillz Lounge is next to the New Meridian place and has a cosy waterfront patio. The area is a perfect hangout joint not only for couples but also for friends. Afternoon time at the lounge is reserved for business professionals and networking groups.

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Menu: Desserts

Features: Vegetarian Friendly, Serves Alcohol

Amenities: Patio

Phone: (705) 252-9411

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